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Nigel Sanderson

Gold FM Police File

Posted 2 December 2015 by Gold FM in Police and Emergency Services and Podcasts

Constable Nigel Sanderson updated the Gold FM Police File for the week.  The Plan Before You Party message is an important one at this time of year as the weather heats up and people drink more and for longer.  Rural burglaries are still a concern....
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Sir Ray Avery

Sir Ray Avery Congratulates Waihi's Spirit

Posted 30 November 2015 by Gold FM in Podcasts

Sir Ray Avery, creator of the LifePod infant incubator talked to Brian Gentil about his vision for his LifePods this morning before flying out of New Zealand for Melbourne where power packs for the LifePods are being developed. Sir Ray congratulated...
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Respect IS

White Ribbon Day Waihi

Posted 30 November 2015 by Gold FM

White Ribbon Day originated as a Canadian campaign encouraging men to take a stand on eliminating violence against women by taking the White Ribbon pledge ‘pledge ‘I promise never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women’....
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Drilling jumbo

Prospects Looking Good For OceanaGold

Posted 27 November 2015 by Gold FM in Environmental

OceanaGold is pleased with its drill results from its newly acquired Waihi mining operation. In a media release dated 24/11/2015, the company says encouraging drilling at Correnso and Daybreak veins demonstrate potential extensions for Waihi. ...
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Getting Google Eyed At Waihi East

Posted 26 November 2015 by Gold FM in School

Waihi East School students got Google eyed at school yesterday when they were introduced to Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a fold-out cardboard mount for a mobile phone. It is...
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Police stop

Bomb Threat Closes Hamilton Gardens

Posted 26 November 2015 by Gold FM

Treating the matter seriously while impacting the public in as small a way as possible is how Waikato Police are describing their evacuation of the Hamilton Gardens early this afternoon. Inspector John Kelly of the Hamilton Police said a...
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Lock Them Or Lose Them

Posted 26 November 2015, 10:37 am by Gold FM in Police and Emergency Services

While praising his staff for good work in returning a stolen car to the owner undamaged, a senior Waikato investigator said there are a number of lessons that if learned could help prevent similar incidents. Detective Sergeant Nick O’Brien of the...
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Porritt Park

Thames Playground Gets A Facelift

Posted 24 November 2015 by Gold FM in Council Matters

Thames' Porritt Park is getting a facelift. Students from Thames primary schools have been involved in the design and selection of new playground equipment for the playground which is being put in place this week. The children chose a 3-bay...
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Waihi East School

They Did It - And Then Some!

Posted 24 November 2015, 8:17 am by Gold FM in Media Release
Media Release: Waihi East School

We did it! When Waihi East School children decided to raise $2,000 for a LifePod infant incubator they thought it would be a challenge. Little did they know they’d soon have their town behind them, and through hard work and donations, they've...
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Intermittent Issue Caused Eft-pos Issues

Posted 19 November 2015 by Gold FM

Did you get worried when you went to use your Westpac card yesterday and it was declined? Many Westpac customers reported feeling embarrassed after their cards were declined when they were trying to make purchases yesterday. Some thought they had...
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