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Gold FM Police File 02/09/2014

Posted by on 02/09/2014

Constable Nigel Sanderson called in to update the Gold FM Police File this morning. Youths throwing rocks, domestic violence and a 'clubhouse' with a difference feature this week.

Policing in the smaller areas is a little different from the big city and he said it is a pleasure to be able to 'beat the feet', talk to locals, speak to the kids and get out and about locally.

Police are very concerned about the number of reports about rocks being thrown at vehicles driving into or out of town through the Coronation Bridge. At least one woman was left with a cracked windscreen and a couple of youths have been spoken to about the rock throwing. Police would like to hear from anyone who knows or has seen something.

"I'm always reminded of an incident in Auckland where a person was killed when half a cinder block was dropped off one of the overpasses".

"The reality we're dealing with is that it could be deadly", Constable Sanderson said.

Domestic violence call outs continue to take up Police time.

Last weekend a 'clubhouse' was discovered in an abandoned building on mine land. Some effort had gone into creating a 'hang out' as it was complete with table tennis table, pool table, couches, a sound system and worryingly, signs of drug use and firearms. A man is being dealt with in relation to the incident and the 'clubhouse' has been closed down.

The building is due to be knocked down this week.

If you see anything suspicious or can help with any information relating to the Police File please call the anonymous line on 0800 555 111 and for immediate Police attention dial 111.

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