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News / Wind farm submissions close 4.30 pm January 31

Wind farm submissions close 4.30 pm January 31

Wind farm submissions close 4.30 pm January 31

Posted January 08, 2019
Environmental , Council Matters

People have until 4.30 pm Thursday, January 31 to make submissions on a proposed 24 turbine wind farm that spans an area of 1,304 hectares or just over 3,222 acres. The proposed wind farm borders Rotokohu Road, Paeroa and SH26 Tirohia. The turbines are of a three-bladed design, with seven turbines at a maximum height of 180 metres and seventeen at a maximum height of 207 metres.

The Kaimai Wind Farm Ltd application also involves the construction of a new sub-station including two new lattice transmission towers, construction of two overhead power lines including double pole termination structures, 18.9km km of internal roading, 24 turbine platforms, including crane pad, three turbine component laydown and construction equipment storage areas, replacement of eight existing culverts, underground cable network to collect the electrical output from each turbine, earthworks, a quarry and vegetation clearance.

Anyone considered to be directly affected by the application should have been notified of the application by post.

Submissions regarding district land use consents should be made to Hauraki District Council while submissions regarding regional land use consents, discharge and water permits should be made to Waikato Regional Council.

Submissions must be in the correct format pursuant to section 96 of the RMA (form 13). Copies of the forms are available from Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council websites along with further information about where else to find the relevant documents and how to make submissions.

Photos: Potential views of the wind farm from areas in Paeroa,
the corner of Tauranga and Trig Road, Waihi and Haszard Street Waihi