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News / OceanaGold Project Martha Update 20.02.2019

OceanaGold Project Martha Update 20.02.2019

OceanaGold Project Martha Update 20.02.2019

Posted February 20, 2019
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Kit Wilson from OceanaGold called in for a chat about mining operations. Brian Gentil asked, what is happening with the Project Martha application? 

The Project Martha resource consent has been approved since no appeals against the application were lodged with the Environment Court. Kit said the mining company is now working to figuratively put their ducks in a row and the public is unlikely to see anything happening until about the middle of the year. 

Last week OceanaGold met residents in the Mueller Street, Kenny Street area who live above the Rex vein for a Q & A session. Kit said some very sensible questions were asked. OceanaGold will be talking to those residents on a regular basis and will meet with residents in the North Wall area soon. 

Brian also asked: Last time you also talked about AEP, the Amenity Effect Programme. Have payments for the second half of 2018 now been made? Kit said most payments have been handed out and explained more about any that may not have arrived yet. He suggested anyone who received a letter saying they are due an AEP payment who hasn’t received it should ring 0800WaihiGold and they will sort it out. 

“We’ve had a question about froth and bubbles in the river and about the water restrictions for Waihi and Waikino at present,” Brian said. “It seems these are really noticeable while the river level is very low. Is this anything to do with the mine?” Kit explained what causes the froth and bubbles and said it had nothing to do with OceanaGold’s operations. He also talked about where OceanGold draws their water from, saying that the current water restrictions are not affected by anything OceanGold is doing on site. 

“Now that you have got a portal from underground into the bottom of the Martha open pit, will your staff be working in the pit?” Brian asked. OceanaGold has broken out into the pit with their new portal and Kit explained what will happen now with the new portal. He also described how a vent will operate when it is installed. 

Brian said he understands the OceanaGold Board are in Waihi today and inquired about where they have come from. And he asked about Kit’s early morning wake up for an equipment blessing. What does that mean? 

Listen in to our podcast to hear the answer and to listen to the full interview with Kit Wilson. If you would like to contact OceanaGold the freephone number is 0800WaihiGold. To view more information about operations visit their website