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News / UPDATE: Man shot and killed in Kawerau

UPDATE: Man shot and killed in Kawerau

UPDATE: Man shot and killed in Kawerau

Posted February 21, 2019
Emergency Services , Media Release

Media Release: Police Media Centre

Police have issued a statement about the man shot and killed in Kawerau today.

First I would like to offer my condolences to the whanau of the deceased.

This was a tragic event and the outcome today is something no Police officer wants to see.

Police were called to family harm matter shortly before 9am.

In the initial call it was reported that a man was in possession of a firearm and had used it before fleeing from a Kawerau property in a vehicle.

In response to the report Police immediately began making inquiries to locate the offender.

When we arrived at the scene the offender had left the address.

Further information was received to indicate the offender had been using methamphetamine.

Shortly later we received a report of an aggravated robbery at Kawerau First Credit Union where a firearm was presented where an amount of cash was taken.

No-one was injured in the incident at the Credit Union.

A while later the car, believed to be that of the offender, was sighted on a rural road between Edgecumbe and Kawerau.

Lights and sirens were used to indicate for the vehicle to stop.

However the offender failed to stop and instead fled.

While fleeing the offender has carried out a u-turn and driven at Police vehicles.

Staff were forced to take evasive action.

At around 10.20am the offender has stopped on SH30 by the Te Teko Racecourse.

AOS members approached the vehicles.

The offender presented a firearm at an AOS member and fired a shot and Police have returned fire.

Police staff on the scene have rendered first aid however the 29-year-old offender has died at the scene.

No Police staff were injured in the incident.

A fatal shooting is an outcome nobody wants.

Police staff go to work everyday to keep the community safe and no officer takes the decision to use a firearm lightly.

It is the biggest decision they will make in their police careers and one that has a traumatic impact on them.

Police are liaising with the family of the deceased and Victim Support has been provided.

The IPCA have been notified of this incident and our own Critical Incident Investigation is also underway.

The death will be referred to the Coroner.

As part of an ongoing scene investigation cordons will remain in place at SH30 between Braemer Road and Grieve Road near Te Teko, diversions are in place.