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Beware phone scammers!

Beware phone scammers!

Posted March 28, 2019

Gold FM received a call from a listener wanting to warn others about a phone scam.

This scam involves someone ringing you saying they are from SPARK. This particular caller identified himself as Nick Walton from SPARK and gave his intended victim a job identification number (487 196). Nick then went on to explain that the person he was calling was in credit so SPARK would like to refund money into their account. All they had to do was to give him their account details.

The intended victim said Nick was polite and very credible - to the point where she started to give him her details before thinking better of it and ending the call. 

A check with SPARK confirmed this would not happen. If you are in credit with SPARK they already have your details and would not need to call you to ask for them.

NEVER give your personal details to anyone calling you on the phone!