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News / goldblog: Dodgy advertising practices

goldblog: Dodgy advertising practices

goldblog: Dodgy advertising practices

Posted April 10, 2019
Education , Business

A mate of ours with huge experience in media advertising, both radio and newspaper, has this to say about buying a poppy in a paper: 

Dodgy advertising practices. If you wish to advertise never waste your money buying a poppy, daffodil etc with your name on it to support the charity involved. No-one will see it and even worse the newspapers only give a very small percentage to the charity. Having run newspapers (at the lowest point of my career), I know exactly what they make and how much is donated. It’s almost criminal due to the emotional sales pitch involved. Most advertisers are only doing it to support the charity. Both of the papers in my local area are doing it for Anzac Day. Shame on you!!!!!!

The best thing you can do with your hard earned money is donate directly to the charity not an advertising rep that is preying on your good nature.

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