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Posted May 27, 2019

By Dawn Sinclair - Waihi

How disappointing to read MP Scott Simpson’s recently published anti mining philosophy letter. When we needed someone to support the continuation of gold mining in Waihi based on hard facts, the truth and good science we instead got a political lecture aimed at attacking a single politician and sniping at the competency of the current government. Last time the majority of kiwi got fed up with a two party system playing politics while ignoring the responsibility that comes with power, we voted in MMP. But it seems no matter what the system we still get politicians rather than true leaders.

Currently the leaders of our two main parties couldn’t be more alike in their background and upbringing and yet the machiavellian extremists of both parties, aided by the media, carry on the ‘game’ of politics as if there is a great divide in New Zealanders thinking. Imagine if we could pick from the best of both the Red (Labour) and the Blue (National) politicians and form a Purple party of the centre – only then might we get back to making decisions affecting Aotearoa/New Zealand that the majority can feel proud of.

Dawn Sinclair

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