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OceanaGold Projects Update

OceanaGold Projects Update

Posted May 29, 2019
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Kit Wilson from OceanaGold is at the Minerals Forum in Dunedin where a bit of a fracas erupted yesterday when protesters concerned about the coal industry barricaded the door to stop people entering until police intervened.

Brian Gentil asked Kit about the fracas and the Minerals Forum. Kit said it was a rather noisy, push and shove demonstration yesterday and the exact opposite of that happened this morning when he sat down for a very pleasant and polite twenty minute conversation with some of the protesters where views were exchanged and they actually agreed on 95% of things. “I don’t think anyone achieves anything other than street theatre by shouting and yelling at each other.” Kit suggested working together on whatever an issue is.

Brian asked about a drill rig that appeared and then disappeared in the car park behind the resource centre. Kit said two drill rigs had been operating as another one was also drilling piezometer holes on Haszard Street near the Hub. He explained what the holes are for and how they are drilled.

Brian mentioned questions received about people in high viz doing some sort of measurements. “What’s that for and who are they?” Kit said it’s very routine and ordinary and is a six monthly settlement survey. He explained how and why the measurements are made for consent purposes to monitor dewatering.

Brian asked where OceanaGold is now that their application to purchase two farms has been declined under the Overseas Investment Act. The company is considering a few options, including a judicial review which could direct the Minister who declined the purchase application to reconsider.

Kit said they have received comment from the community about not sharing information about the farms purchase and he explained how the company would have liked to have had more certainty that the purchase would happen before taking it out to the community. “There was never any intention to keep information from the public.”

Kit also spoke about a potential project called Quattro saying people can be reassured that once a decision is made they would let everybody know. 
Quattro involves a range of options for the open pit and another series of underground workings.

Quattro can’t be announced until the mining company know what’s happening with a third tailings storage. If anything does eventuate with Quattro OceanaGold will provide a wide range of information.

Brian asked whether the installation of piezometers is because there may be a risk in the area they’re being installed? They are part of the consent conditions required for re-entry into Martha Mine.

Since receiving consent for the Martha Project in February going back into Martha Mine is taking a while and the company is working on how to manage the project in the safest and most productive way.

Kit will be back in the Gold FM studio in the next few weeks. If you have nay questions send them through to us at Gold FM or visit the website more project details and contact information for OceanaGold.

Click the link on our podcast to hear the full interview with Gold FM’s Brian Gentil and Kit Wilson from OceanaGold.