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News / Coromandel Watchdog Opposes Oceana Gold Judicial Review

Coromandel Watchdog Opposes Oceana Gold Judicial Review

Coromandel Watchdog Opposes Oceana Gold Judicial Review

Posted June 07, 2019
Media Release , Environmental

The community group opposing large scale mining in Hauraki/Coromandel, Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki, is opposing the Oceana Gold application for a Judicial Review of the Minister of Land Information’s decision to reject their purchase of rural land for a tailings dump.

“ Oceana should realise that the Minister is required under law to consider adverse environmental effects on rural land as well as jobs. They have promised no new jobs by building another toxic waste dump, which will definitely pollute more rural land. We already have one vast toxic dump in the region which the gold company will leave to locals to manage when they leave” says Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki spokesperson Augusta Maccassey-Pickard,

“ Right now we need to focus on sustainable development - protect food producing land and water quality - rather than sacrifice more land to the toxic waste which is the consequence of gold mining. There is plenty of gold above ground for our needs, we need to look to recycle what is above the ground. Compromising our environment to service an industry of greed is not a sustainable choice for Aotearoa New Zealand.”

” Oceana claim they are so vital to the Hauraki region and yet the median personal income is $23,000 and there is no golden prosperity in Waihi. We have a range of new development which contributes significant amounts to our wider economy, in a sustainable way, such as the rail (bike) trails which are bringing more spending to our region.” 
” We support the Minister’s decision, she is on very firm ground. In reading through the reasoning, it is clear the decision is robust - this proposal offered no new jobs, and only very short term economic gain in return for long term environmental degradation. We must think of the ability of future generations to provide for themselves. Multinational mining companies dumping more of their toxic waste in our region is not going to do that.”

This is the second time a Minister has been subject to Judicial Review with regard to mining. Then Minister of Conservation, Helen Clark was judicially reviewed for rejecting an underground mining application in the Forest Park at Waiomu in the Hauraki/Coromandel in the late 1980s, her decision withstood this legal challenge.