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Watch this Space!

Watch this Space!

Posted June 10, 2019
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Look up this month if you fancy an eyeful of Jupiter. NASA reckons the biggest planet in our solar system will be at its biggest and brightest during June. 

As long as the clouds and weather don’t get in the way Jupiter should be clearly visible by midnight, Monday, June 10 (tonight).

People living in the southern hemisphere should get the best view with Jupiter and its four largest moons visible through binoculars.

New Zealand’s Stardome Observatory says, “Jupiter is at opposition on 10 June and is the ideal time to look at it with a telescope. At opposition the planet rises as the Sun sets so it is ‘opposite’ the Sun in the sky. By about midnight, Jupiter is high overhead, the perfect time for telescopic viewing. Jupiter continues to be very well placed for viewing throughout the winter months.”