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Fine and Frosty Forecast

Fine and Frosty Forecast

Posted June 17, 2019
Weather , Environmental

Southwesterly winds have dominated the weather regime for the last few days but MetService are forecasting a ridge of high pressure which is set to bring settled weather with widespread frosts on Tuesday. The next rain band isn’t expected to reach our shores until Thursday.

The southwest winds are easing throughout most of the country overnight tonight (Monday) to leave a relatively fine day with light breezes Tuesday morning with frosts expected in sheltered areas. Eastern areas will continue to feel the effects of the cool southwest flow for most of Tuesday.

MetService Meteorologist Lewis Ferris says: “On Wednesday, the ridge takes hold and many places will start the day with frosty conditions. However, eastern areas of the central North Island and Northland will see some isolated showers which ease later in the day.”

Thursday will be another frosty start for many. Western areas of the South Island will be first to feel the effects of the oncoming front bringing northerly winds and rain. The rest of the country can expect to be affected through the night and into Friday.