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Plastic not Fantastic from today

Plastic not Fantastic from today

Posted July 01, 2019

Single-use plastic shopping bags are banned in New Zealand from today. 
Businesses can no longer provide you with single-use plastic shopping bags.
The ban is designed to help reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.
The ban applies to all new single-use plastic shopping bags with handles that are made of plastic up to 70 microns in thickness.

This includes:

  • light-weight plastic bags commonly found at supermarket, takeaway food and other retail checkouts 
  • heavier boutique-style plastic shopping bags commonly found at department or clothing stores 
  • ‘emergency’ bags offered by some supermarkets as an alternative to a free single-use plastic bag.
  • It includes bags made of degradable plastic. This is regardless of whether the plastic material is made from fossil-fuel or biological sources such as plants.
  • This includes biodegradable, compostable and oxy-degradable plastics bags. These are sometimes marketed as ‘not plastic’ and may have these icons: 

Plastic bags which are not banned:

  • Bin liners 
  • Bags for collecting pet waste
  • Barrier bags used when purchasing meat, and fruit and vegetables. 

Also plastic packaging is not included in the ban.

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