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News / Gorgeous Grandmas are priceless

Gorgeous Grandmas are priceless

Gorgeous Grandmas are priceless

Posted July 23, 2019
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23rd of July isn’t just another day…According to those who aim to gather all the special holidays, moments and occasions from around the world together, and help everyone celebrate them, today is Gorgeous Grandma Day - so you can take the opportunity to make a fuss of your Gorgeous Grandma.

It’s also Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day, International Yada Yada Yada Day, Sprinkle Day, or to mature Kiwis Hundreds & Thousands Day. 

Whatever Day it is, make the most of it and have a good one!

We’re happy to celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day and giggle along AGAIN as this Gorgeous Grandma from Scotland reads a book by Kiwi writer Craig Smith, illustrated by Katz Cowley that became a best selling global sensation because of this Gorgeous Grandma.

The book is based upon a song that Smith wrote in 2005 after hearing the joke “What do you call a donkey with three legs? - A wonky donkey”. The song was later turned into the 2010 book. In 2018, the book was featured in a viral video of grandmother Janice Clark laughing as she attempted to read it to her grandchild, leading to a huge surge in purchases of the book worldwide. 

July is also Moth Month, Plastic Free July, Ice cream Month, Cell Phone Courtesy Month, Independent Retailer Month and World Water Colour Month.

Photo credit Janice Clark: AP Images for Barnes and Noble