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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted August 05, 2019
Emergency Services , Podcasts

It was a busy week with eight call outs for the Waihi Fire and Rescue Service this last week.

Chief Fire officer Moe Stevens started with a medical assist last Tuesday at 11.30 pm.

On Wednesday July 31 they attended a rubbish fire where tyres were being burnt, a big ‘no no’.

On Thursday, August 1, at 3.45 am they had another medical assist with the St John crew.

Then on Saturday, August 3, at 7.30 am they were called out to Waihi Hospital, where toast being cooked in the kitchen had burnt and set off the alarm. No breakfast at that job Mo said.

Sunday 4 August at 11 am, it was off to a call out with their water tanker to just this side of Whangamata where a garage had caught alight. The garage was destroyed.

Then at 4 pm the Waihi Fire and Rescue Service were called out to a job where power lines had come down across Savage Road and were arcing. They left the power company to look after that.

And their third call out on Sunday was to Old Tauranga Rd to extricate an ambulance that was moving a patient and had gone off the side of the access way to the property and got bogged down in mud.

The last call was at 1.30 am this morning where a tree had fallen across the road on the Whiritoa hill. A chainsaw sorted the fallen tree fairly quickly.

Click our podcast link to hear the full Fire Call Out.