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News / Memorial cairn on its way back to Cooks Beach

Memorial cairn on its way back to Cooks Beach

Memorial cairn on its way back to Cooks Beach

Posted September 03, 2019
Council Matters , History / Arts / Culture

The work to reinstate the memorial stone cairn back to Cooks Beach has begun and will take 2-3 weeks to complete. Earthworks and site establishment is underway this week, which will then allow the cairn to be brought back and placed on site.

The cairn marked the 1769 visit of Captain Cook to New Zealand. It toppled into the sea during a storm in July 2018 and was taken off the beach and stored. It will be returned to Cooks Beach after the site works have been completed.

There was no damage to the monument, which is made of Coromandel granite, but remediation work is needed on the foreshore and reserve where the cairn was placed.

The site where the cairn will sit includes a path and board walk, heritage signage as well as a platform with a view to a buoy that marks where Cook’s ship The Endeavour was moored 250 years ago, this year. The surrounding area will also be planted with coastal natives.

“We are also making progress on a back-stop wall in the same area. This work contributes to managing our coastal erosion issues around the area to protect our infrastructure, “ says Allan Tiplady, Thames Coromandel District Manager North.

The consent for the back-stop wall has been lodged and planning is also underway to reinstate the foreshore and sand dunes with native planting at the same site.