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News / Protestors get their message across to New Talisman AGM shareholders

Protestors get their message across to New Talisman AGM shareholders

Protestors get their message across to New Talisman AGM shareholders

Posted September 18, 2019
Environmental , Business

Local people from the Karangahake Gorge and the ‘Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki’ group have disrupted the AGM of the New Talisman Mining company at the Pullmans Hotel, Waterloo Quadrant in central Auckland today.

“The shareholders of this mining company need to know that we totally oppose this mining activity in the heart of our community and on Department of Conservation land, “ said Catherine Delahunty, Chairperson of Coromandel Watchdog.

Two activists disguised as shareholders interrupted the AGM this morning to inform shareholders their plans to mine for gold in conservation estate in the Karangahake Gorge were unwelcome.

“ We have come to this AGM to tell them that the current mining activity which is under a bulk sampling consent, and future mining plans are disrupting the forest park which is a popular recreation area. They are creating toxic waste, plus risks to underground water and local rivers. This land should be protected from these greedy and inappropriate activities as promised by the Labour and Green Parties, but so far they have failed to act. We will fight this mining company industrialising Karangahake mountain. The future is in recycling gold and other metals from waste, especially e waste, not mining DOC land, ” Catherine Delahunty said.

“ New Talisman have already disturbed our peaceful community and turned our walking track into a road, They have blocked public access to parts of the conservation estate and are currently blasting inside the mountain and stockpiling ore without even triggering their 2 year resource consent to ‘bulk sample’. The last thing our recreation and conservation based community needs is a ‘dinosaur’ activity, like gold mining, in land set aside for public enjoyment. “ said Rebecca Dove from Protect Karangahake, who lives near the conservation land.

A large dinosaur wearing a sign saying “ Talisman Mining are dinosaurs” is also participating in the vigil outside the hotel.

Activist and Karangahake local Holly Dove said she wanted shareholders of New Talisman Gold to be aware of strong opposition from the local community.
“These shareholders are either ignorant of or implicit in exploiting beautiful conservation land here in New Zealand and they need to know our community is opposed.
“We will continue to fight to protect Mt Karangahake on behalf of all New Zealanders who want protection for our precious conservation land,” she said.

New Talisman Gold, currently prospecting in the heart of conservation land in the Karangahake Gorge, have been at odds with the local community who are opposed to gold mining in the area since they began prospecting two years ago protestors say.

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