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News / Measles confirmed in Waihi

Measles confirmed in Waihi

Measles confirmed in Waihi

Posted September 19, 2019
Health , Podcasts

Brian Gentil spoke with Lily Heathmore, a registered nurse at Waihi Health Centre, about the first cases of measles in Waihi. Lily said there was now at least two cases, one a woman the other a child. She talked about the symptoms to look out for and also what to do if you think a family member has the measles.

Unfortunately you don’t know you have the measles when it’s in the contagious stage.
Vaccinations are important and Lily said to make sure you check to see if you have been inoculated.

If you think you or a family member has measles, contact your doctor rather than going into the waiting room as it’s very contagious.

Listen to the interview with Lily by clicking on our podcast link.