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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted October 01, 2019
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Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens brought us up to speed with the eight calls they attended over the last week.

On Monday 23 September at 9.30 am they were called out to help with a medical assist.

Then at 7.15 pm they attended a fire in a paddock on Tauranga Rd which was lit at night.

The siren went off again at 8.30 pm that night to a car on fire in Pukekauri Rd on the outskirts of Waihi, which they extinguished.

On Wednesday September 25 they received a report at 9 am of a car over a cliff at the top of the Whiritoa hill. Once there they found a vehicle over the cliff that appeared to have been there for around six months, which had vegetation starting to grow around it. They taped the area off and returned to the station.

Then on Saturday 28 September the siren went off at 2.30 pm. The Waihi Fire & rescue Service headed to Savage Ave at Waihi Beach where a child’s leg had got stuck in a set of stairs going to the beach. They used a reciprocal saw to carefully cut around the young boy’s leg and extract him safely.

At 7 pm they attended a fire that had been lit on the side of the road in Adams St, which we understand was put out.

On Monday, September 30, it was off to Morgan Park to assist with a helicopter landing at 10.22 am, followed by another callout at 6.30 pm to a house where relatives had had no response from a gentleman living at the house and were concerned for his well being. The Waihi Fire & Rescue Service and Police removed a window and entered the property to find the man had settled in for the evening after taking his medicine and was well, and also surprised to see the emergency services coming into his house.

Click on our podcast link to hear Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens talking with Brian Gentil.