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News / Puppies lucky to survive being dumped in forest

Puppies lucky to survive being dumped in forest

Puppies lucky to survive being dumped in forest

Posted November 08, 2019

Someone locked three puppies in a metal cage and drove into a forest near Nelson.

Unbelievably, this cruel person tipped the cage off the back of their vehicle, sending the three puppies tumbling down a bank… still trapped in the cage.

The puppies, named Sadie, Hope and Forest by the SPCA, were abandoned in a forestry area so isolated that it was a miracle they were found before they starved to death.

Sadie, Hope and Forest are about three or four months old, and were left with no food, water, or shade. Locked together in the metal cage they were given no chance of escape.

By pure chance, they were found when some forestry workers in the area noticed some strange tyre tracks and followed them. The workers were stunned to discover three terrified puppies stranded at the bottom of a bank.

SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen says, “It’s a miracle these puppies survived unscathed, let alone being found. I’m so glad they were brought to SPCA where they can be given the love and care they deserve.

Now they must begin the long journey to recover from the trauma they have suffered. Sadie, Hope, and Forest are out of immediate danger, but they still have a way to go on their road to recovery.

They need vet treatment, vaccinations, food, water, a warm bed and round-the-clock care.”

The puppies will be offered for adoption when they are over their recent trauma and ready to go to forever homes.The SPCA always needs donations to help cover the costs of treating injured or abandoned animals. If you can spare a little and would like to donate please follow this link