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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted November 13, 2019
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Senior Community Constable Harley North updated the police file with Brian Gentil this week. To hear details about recent police work, along with crime prevention advice and road safety suggestions click our podcast link below.

Monday 4 November
A couple found trespassing at Waihi Community Marae became threatening and abusive after being told to move on. The marae was also burgled the previous weekend and property items were stolen. Police caught up with the couple later in the week.

A Waihi male was arrested at Mangatoetoe Street for two warrants to arrest for failing to appear at Court.

Another Waihi male was arrested for assault in relation to a historic family harm incident. He was released on bail to appear at Court.

Tuesday 5 November
The abusive couple from Monday were found near Moresby Ave and fled into bush around the pit rim. After a game of cat and mouse they were arrested. The female had a warrant to arrest and they were found in possession of stolen property from the burglary of the marae.

A Waihi male failed to present for a curfew check at a Wrigley Street address in breach of his Court imposed bail conditions.

Threats were made involving two elderly couples at Emerton Rd. They were arguing about a toilet at the motor camp. After some police negotiating the problem was flushed away.

Wednesday 6 November
Waihi Beach RSA was burgled and a donation box was stolen. Police are investigating. If anyone has information contact police.

A white Nissan Navara ute registration BTS948 was stolen from a Baber Street address overnight.

Thursday 7 November
Police seized two firearms from an unlicensed person at a Featon Road address in relation to a historic family incident.

A ute failed to give way to a car at Tauranga Road causing a crash. Nobody was injured.

Friday 8 November
A vehicle was broken into at a Silverton Road address. The offender/s attempted to remove the stereo. Some property items were stolen. Police are waiting on forensic test results.

A Waihi male was arrested for assault at a George Street address in relation to a family harm incident.

Sunday 10 October
A Gladstone Road property was burgled overnight. Property items were stolen. Police are seeking information from the community.

Crime Prevention Advice

Christmas and New Year are fast approaching. This time of year dishonesty crime tends to escalate. This includes theft, burglary and receiving stolen property. You can help prevent dishonesty crime by reporting all suspicious behaviour to police at the time it’s occurring. In regard to your own property always secure your home and vehicles, lock doors, close windows and put all expensive items out of sight. Let the neighbours know if you’re going away over the holidays so they can keep an eye on your property. Ask them to clear your mail from the letter box; this is a tell-tale sign for burglars that nobody is home. Consider getting someone you trust to house sit while you’re away. Check your home security is operating, test alarms, CCTV and sensor lights. Declutter the yard and cut back trees and shrubs to reduce concealment for unwanted visitors. An electrical timer on a lamp or the tv is a great way to make your home appear occupied.

Road Safety Message

Please drive carefully at SH2 Tauranga Road and don’t become complacent. The road layout, location of machinery and cone configuration changes daily. Road repair crews are hard at work day and night at irregular times. Ignoring the warning signs and temporary speed limits endangers the road workers and other motorists. The road surface itself can also be dangerous when under repair due to uneven ground and new seal. Rocks and debris can be thrown up by vehicles. When you see a roadworks sign slow down and be ready to stop. Read the signs because they will prepare you for the hazards ahead. Crashes happen when drivers ignore roadworks warning signs and temporary speed limits.

Police contacts
If it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.