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News / Man shot by Police in Tauranga after lengthy hostage inciden

Man shot by Police in Tauranga after lengthy hostage inciden

Man shot by Police in Tauranga after lengthy hostage inciden

Posted November 24, 2019
Emergency Services

Media Release: Superintendent Andy McGregor, Bay of Plenty District Commander

A man has died after being shot by police at a property in Bellevue, Tauranga today.

Police had initially been called to the property in Oriana Crescent at around 12.25am today, after a man threatened his partner with a knife.

The woman managed to escape the house, making her way to a neighbour’s house to call Police. Three children remained in the house, along with the man.

On arrival, Police were informed about concerns for the children in the house.

Due to those concerns, Police entered the property, where they found the man holding a large machete to the throat of one of the children.

The man retreated into a wardrobe with that child and a second child.

Police withdrew immediately, and were able to facilitate the safe escape of a third child at the same time.

The Police Negotiation Team and Armed Offenders Squad have been in attendance at the property since early this morning, working to bring the situation to a safe and peaceful conclusion, however the man only intermittently engaged with attempts to communicate with him.

Police’s concerns for the two children remaining in the house grew as the day went on.

Medical advice received was that there were grave concerns for the children’s health due not only to their age, but a lack of food and a potential for dehydration given the high temperature in the area of the house where the man had barricaded himself with the children.

Police entered the property shortly after 3pm, where they were confronted by the man.

He was shot by police and pronounced dead at the scene.

The two children who had been kept hostage are safe and uninjured.

Police are working to support the family.

This was an experience nobody should have to go through and all involved will need ongoing care and support as they come to terms with today’s events.

Our staff have also been left shaken by this incident.

The IPCA have been notified of this incident and our Critical Incident Investigation is also under way.

The man’s death will be referred to the Coroner.

As part of an ongoing scene examination, cordons will remain in place on Oriana Crescent, however residents of the street are free to come and go.