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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted November 28, 2019
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Senior Community Constable Harley North has been unable to make it into the Gold FM studio for a catch up this week. He sent through the police file which includes an alarming report of a threatening attempted robbery at the Kenny Street Dairy, Waihi last Saturday by an offender armed with a machete. Anyone who knows anything about this is urged to contact Waihi Police.

Monday 18 November
Thieves were at it again this week. Three vehicle’s broken into at Orchard Road and Waitete Road. Property was stolen.

Stolen property taken from a residential burglary at Silverton Road was recovered by police at Consols Street. A happy owner.

Tuesday 19 November
Police came across two males fighting at Tauranga Road and separated them. The males are known to each other and were previously friends. The bro-mance is clearly over.

A male armed himself with an axe at Whiritoa after believing he was nearly run over by a vehicle. The incident was peacefully resolved.

A trailer was stolen overnight from a Waikino property. The two offender’s and their vehicle made an appearance on CCTV. Police are investigating. All going well and they’ll be making an appearance at Court soon too.

Wednesday 20 November
A Waihi male was arrested for wilful damage, possession of offensive weapon and threats to kill in relation to a historic family harm incident at Morrinsville.

A Katikati woman who was horsing around received a pre-charge warning for theft. She stole a horse cover.

Two dogs attacked a kitten at a Tauranga Road address. The kitten died at the scene. Council Animal Control seized the dogs and prosecution will likely follow.

A Waihi Beach woman received a pre-charge warning after police executed a search warrant at her property and found 49 x Cannabis plants and drug utensils. All the Cannabis will be going up in smoke but not at the police station.

Report received of another trailer theft from a Citrus Avenue property. The theft is historic and believed to have occurred about a week ago. Police are examining CCTV. Secure your trailers with chain, tow bar lock and wheel clamps. They’re a hot commodity with thieves and are easily rebirthed and sold.

Thursday 21 November
A Waihi male was served with a 10 day police safety order at a family harm incident.

Friday 22 November
A Waihi male was arrested for breach of bail after he failed to report to Waihi Police Station after being warned previously.

Saturday 23 October
A robbery at Kenny Street Dairy. An offender entered the premises armed with a machete making threats and demands. The shop keeper escaped out the rear of the store and the offender fled empty handed on foot toward Clarke Street. This could have gone terribly wrong for the victim and the offender. The offender needs to be apprehended to prevent further victimisation. Police need your help and are seeking witnesses or information from the public.

A burglary of a residential property at Williams Street. The landlord discovered that offenders have been squatting at the address. Police are waiting on forensic test results.

Another traffic crash at Kenny Street and Rosemont Road involving a vehicle failing to give way.

Sunday 24 October
A burglary of a residential property at Shaw Road. Multiple property items were stolen. Police are waiting on forensic test results.

Crime Prevention Advice
Over the Christmas holiday period last year there was a spike in burglary and theft at Waihi and Waihi Beach. Police don’t want a repeat this year so we’ve recently had a total of three community meetings at Waihi and Waihi Beach to promote forming Neighbourhood Support groups and burglary prevention topics. Chris Smith from Waikato Neighbourhood Support NZ and local police officers attended. Unfortunately the community turnout was poor with only a dozen people showing up to each of the meetings. A follow up meeting is planned for Waihi Beach in about four weeks. Police need your support to put a stop to burglary and other crime in our community. There are things you can do to help. Report all crime to police and report suspicious behaviour when it’s occurring, form a neighbourhood support group on your street and volunteer on the community patrol at Waihi and Waihi Beach. Be the eyes and ears for police.

Road Safety Message
Last week the king of all road turkeys and his little mates decided to drive through the road works at SH2 Tauranga Road with their doors open and knocked down the road cones. Another turkey and his mates carved up Anzac Bay reserve in a ute by doing donuts and wheel spinning. A motorcycle turkey was zipping around town with no helmet and hooning through a public reserve. Three turkeys recently fled in their vehicles from police causing high speed pursuits. Another set a new land speed record of 170 kph+ at Old Tauranga Rd thinking he was driving on the Nevada salt flats at the Burt Munro Challenge. Then there’s the daily occurrence of passive aggressive turkeys talking on their cell phones or driving under the influence. Not to mention the turkey driving with her three large dogs in the car that were chasing their tails and sitting on her lap with a head out the window. The driver that is, not the dog. Just another day for Waihi Police on local roads. Give us a break!

Police contacts
If it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.