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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted December 03, 2019
Emergency Services

Brian Gentil touched base with Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens about the four calls they attended over the last week.

On Friday 28 November at 10 am they went to Old Tauranga Rd where a truck passing across a bridge came across a car over the centre line. The truck clipped the side of the bridge, went down the side of it, through a fence, up across a paddock, up a slight hill, took a tree out and came to rest up in the paddock by the cow shed.
Amazingly the truck didn’t go over on its side and the driver was alright. The driver of the car didn’t stop.

Later on Friday at 5.30 pm they were called out for a medical assist.

Then on Saturday the siren went off at 5.30 pm again, this time they went to Mackay St Waihi where a driver of a car had accidently hit the accelerator rather than the brake when reversing.
The man ended up going through a fence to the next door neighbours, through the posts on the driveway, took half the dining room out before going across the patio at the back, across the lawn and back up on to a raised garden and through the fence of a third house.
The driver was shaken and there is quite a bit of damage that will need repairing.

The last call was to assist with another medical situation on Sunday morning at around 10 am. This was just before Santa arrived at their annual Christmas Party for the crews’ families.
Apparently all the kids had been behaving and received a gift from Santa, and enjoyed all the activities and refreshments.

This weekend coming sees the Waihi Fire and Rescue Awards Night which Moe will cover next Monday.