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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted December 09, 2019
Emergency Services , Podcasts

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens joined Brian Gentil for another update on the four callouts they attended across last week, as well as the Waihi Fire and Rescue Awards Night on Saturday night.

Congratulations to all award winners and a big thanks to our volunteer firefighters for the work they do in our community!

Moe mentioned some of the winners, including one new team member who attended 100% of the call outs across the last year, and they average about four a week, Moe said.

On Wednesday 4 December at 7.30 am the team attended a call in Amaranth St Waihi where a fuse in a meter box caught alight. By the time they got there it was out, but Moe said the resident did the right thing calling 111.

They had just got back to the fire station when the siren went off again.Waihi Fire & Rescue travelled to Adams St Waihi where what was thought to be a power line had come down. This turned out to be a telephone line, so after tidying things up they returned to the station.

On Sunday night at 8.30 pm they were called out to a fire on Hollis Rd, near Owharoa Falls towards the Karangahake Gorge. This was a controlled burn off, and as soon as the sun sets people get worried and think there’s a scrub fire. Moe said all was under control so they returned to base.

Monday morning at 7.30 am they were called to Athenree on State Highway 2 where a lady had driven off the road and up a bank before coming to a stop. She was shaken but OK, however, the car will need a bit of attention.

Listen to the full fire call out by clicking on our podcast link…