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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted December 18, 2019
Emergency Services

It was a busy week with eight call outs answered across the last seven days Moe Stevens, Chief Fire Officer with Waihi Fire and Rescue, told Brian Gentil.

On Monday, December 9, at 7.45 pm they headed to the International Academy on Landlyst Rd, off Golden Valley Rd, where the alarm went off. There was no apparent reason so they headed home while the staff at the Academy dealt with their alarm company to sort the problem out.

On Tuesday 10 December the siren went off at 5 pm and they attended a spill on the road by Waihi’s bottom roundabout. It was tracked back through the Karangahake Gorge, and went all the way through to Katikati.
Police intercepted the truck in question which had a load of concrete p[polishing liquid aboard which had been spilling throughout their trip south.
It turned out to be non-corrosive and was quick to disperse by itself, so the Waihi crew headed back to base.

Thursday December 12 at 7.45 pm they headed to Bowentown to a house fire after an elderly woman put the heater on and faced it the wrong way, straight at the couch. This caught alight but with a quick call to 111 and a fast response time, the damage was kept to a scorched couch. The woman was alright.

Moe and Brian reminded listeners about the metre from the heater rule.

Friday 13 December the siren went off at 6 pm after a call was made from Gladstone Rd near the Whangamata Rd end where a house was on fire. Waihi Fire & Rescue managed to extinguish it, but not before it burnt a large hole in the side of the house.
The cause was fire embers that were left outside up against the house with other material.
While there, another call out was received at 7 pm, so while one truck stayed to complete that job, the other truck headed to Moore St where a rubbish fire had been reported in. It was under control and they left there and went back to the station.

On Saturday 14 December at 11 am the Waihi tanker and a truck went to Athenree to an old pack house which had caught alight. Sadly it couldn’t be saved, and neither could the vehicles that were stored inside.
The truck got back at 3 pm while the tanker stayed until about 5.30 pm, dampening things down.

It wasn’t long before firefighters were back in the fire engine to head to Black Hill to assist the ambulance with an injured motor cross rider who needed to be airlifted to hospital.

Finally, on Sunday 15 December a report came in at approximately 9.30 pm about smoke in Cuba St which turned out to be a small rubbish fire - nothing to be concerned about.

To hear Chief Fire Officer Moe Steven’s full report - click our podcast link.