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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted December 23, 2019
Emergency Services

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens caught up with Brian Gentil to cover the Waihi Fire & Rescue call outs over the last week.

It was a little quieter than the eight jobs they attended the week prior. On Monday 16 December the siren went off at 9.30 pm after smoke was reported in Cuba St. On arrival the firefighters found a small, controlled fire which they left alone as it was not a danger.

On Friday 20 December at 3 pm they received a call to help the ambulance with a medical assist. When they arrived they were told their services weren’t required and all was under control.
They returned to the station and then at 4 pm it was off again after a call to help with the helicopter landing at Morgan Park with the same medical emergency. They had the patient in the chopper when the weather came down and made it impossible for the helicopter to take off. So they helped unload the patient back into the ambulance which headed to Waikato Hospital.
The rescue helicopter managed to take off about an hour and a half later once the low cloud and rain lifted enough to make it safe.

Brian and Moe also talked about the fire ban which isn’t in place in the Waihi area - at least yet, while others around the region have already started a total ban. People are advised to check with their local council before lighting any fires. Moe and Brian also talked about the team being on call across the festive and New Year season.
To hear the full Fire Call Out report - click on our podcast link …

Merry Christmas, Happy New year and safe travels from the Waihi Fire & Rescue Service.