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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted January 06, 2020
Emergency Services

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens from Waihi Fire and Rescue caught up with Brian Gentil with an update of the jobs they attended over the last week.

First up they acknowledged those affected by the horrendous bush fires in Australia at the moment, both those who have lost loved ones and homes and also the firefighters battling the huge flames.

Locally, on Tuesday December 30 they were called out at 10.30 pm to the top of Whiritoa Hill where some ‘numbskull’ had lit four fires in the layby. Luckily someone called it through early and with the quick response damage was kept to a minimum.

On Thursday January 2 at midday they headed to Athenree with their tanker where a small rubbish fire in a 44 gallon drum had spilled out and some vegetation around it had caught alight. This was out by the time they arrived.

On Saturday 4 January the alarm went off after a vehicle was set on fire right next to a house in Stafford St, Waihi East. CCTV footage of the person has been passed on to the police who are investigating. Moe said the fire could have been a lot worse if the windows had given way. There was still quite a bit of damage to the outside of the house, including the spouting needing replacing and heat damage to the walls.

And the same day, Saturday, at 4.30 pm they headed to Gilmour St where a family towing an older style caravan to Tauranga ended up with the rear window becoming loose and dropping out on the road. The Waihi Fire and Rescue managed the road traffic while they also cleaned up the debris.