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News / Hazy Skies to start the New Year

Hazy Skies to start the New Year

Hazy Skies to start the New Year

Posted January 06, 2020

Media Release: NZ MetService

Aotearoa bid farewell to fine, blue skies on the final day of 2019, only to wake up in 2020 to an unforgettable sunrise. Bushfire smoke from Australia painted our skies orange and the sun red, in a scene MetService meteorologist Tahlia Crabtree describes as “ominous”.

Bushfire smoke gave Kiwi’s a chance to empathise with our neighbours across the Tasman. “Hazy orange skies giving a taste of what is being seen in Australia were brought to our shores by northwest winds,” explains Crabtree. “As long as these fires continue, it’s not unreasonable to expect a repeat of New Year’s day when the winds are blowing the right direction.”

For many Kiwis, yesterday marked the end of the holiday period but the weather has little to promise to those who managed to squeeze in another week away from work.

If you are wondering where summer has gone, don’t let go of hope. “A brief ridge will move onto the country later on Thursday, ensuring everyone a good chance to enjoy some sun for Friday,” says Crabtree.