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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted January 14, 2020
Emergency Services

It was a busy week for Waihi Fire and Rescue with eight call outs.

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens ran through them with Brian Gentil.

On Monday January 6, the siren went off at about 2 pm after a tree was reported to be across the road on State Highway 2 by Waikino. On investigation they couldn’t find any evidence of the tree and returned to base.

Then on Thursday, January 9, at 3 pm they headed to Lawrence St near the Waihi A & P Showgrounds where there had been reports of smoke showing. By the time they got there it had been extinguished.

The siren went off again at 5 pm calling the firefighters to a grass fire just 3 to 4 kilometres out of Waihi on the side of the Whangamata Rd, SH 25. They put it out and believe it could have been started by a hot car or trailer brake pad or shoe that had disintegrated, starting the scrub fire.

At 7 pm the same day they were called to Waikino after a lady reported finding a glove with some strange powder in it which she sniffed and felt nauseous. The glove and its contents have been sent off for tests.

At 11.30am on Saturday, 11 January, they attended a quad bike accident just off Pukekauri Rd near the substation when a 10 to 12 year old child hit a tree. The child was airlifted to hospital.

On Sunday, January 12, they were called out to assist with a chopper landing at Morgan Park for a medical case.

And on Monday, 13 January, they had two early callouts. The first was at 7.45 am to State Highway 2 by Bridgeman Lane at the southern end of Athenree Gorge, where a car had gone off the road. They helped extricate two people from the vehicle who it’s believed were taken to Tauranga Hospital by ambulance.

They’d just got back to the station and the siren went off again, and they headed to the other side of Waikino where a truck carrying scaffolding had dropped orange weights that are used to hold the scaffolding in place, all over the road. A vehicle travelling in the opposite direction hit these and it disintegrated the car tyre. They helped clear the road and returned to base.

Moe finished his report letting us know that the Fire Ban kicked in today in the district. If anyone wants to have a fire, including an open bbq or even a brazier, they must get a permit. There are different rules in the different council areas so check with your local council before starting any fire.

To listen to the Gold FM Fire Call Out … click on our podcast link.