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Getting personal...

Getting personal...

Posted January 23, 2020

Changes to the Privacy Act are coming.

The Government is updating New Zealand’s Privacy Act 1993 to make sure personal information is kept safe and secure in line with new technology and ways of doing business.

If you collect, store or use personal information about your employees and/or customers, the changes could affect you.

Businesses will need to report serious privacy breaches. For example, if you experience a data breach that poses a risk of harm (eg leaked personal information is used in identity theft or published online), you must notify the people affected. Also, you must notify the Office of the Privacy Commissioner either by email, phone or using their online enquiry form.

If someone requests their personal information held by a business, the business cannot destroy the information in order to avoid providing it.Kiwi businesses using service providers based overseas, like cloud software, will need to make sure their providers are meeting New Zealand privacy laws.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has online learning modules that you and your staff can go through to become more familiar your legal privacy responsibilities.