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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted February 03, 2020
Emergency Services

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens joined Brian Gentil to cover the call outs Waihi Fire & Rescue attended over the last week or so.

The week prior they had 11 jobs ranging from rubbish fires, which had to be put out as there’s a fire ban on at present, to a head on crash by Queen’s Head after a man fell asleep at the wheel and drifted across the road into an oncoming vehicle.

Luckily, while both vehicles were badly damaged, there were no major injuries.

One fire was started by a glass ball that magnified the sun’s rays and caused a fire that damaged the pool decking and some outdoor furniture, something people need to be aware of Moe said.

This week they had just the one job after a transformer caught light on the corner of Walker and Russell Streets in Waihi. This was put out and left for the power company to attend to, while the surrounding area was left without power for a period.

You can hear the full report with Moe Stevens by clicking on our podcast link