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News / TCDC declares tougher measures on water use as weekend approaches

TCDC declares tougher measures on water use as weekend approaches

TCDC declares tougher measures on water use as weekend approaches

Posted February 03, 2020
Council Matters , Environmental

Media Release: TCDC media release

The need to conserve water on the Coromandel is growing more urgent as the district heads into another busy weekend. The water supply has become critical across the district.

A meteorological drought has been declared for the top half of the Coromandel, from Whitianga north, with no significant rain on the horizon – a situation that’s not likely to ease until mid-February at the earliest.

“We are getting told this dry weather could stretch right through to April,” Mayor Sandra Goudie says.

“With local water supplies at their lowest levels for many years, and scientific evidence of ongoing dry conditions, we are now heading towards a serious situation with our water across the peninsula, which means everyone will be required to take care and do their best to conserve water.

“This is particularly important leading into the weekend, as we are anticipating greater numbers of visitors as people take advantage of the Waitangi Day public holiday and have a long weekend,” Mayor Sandra says.

“Our communities have been great in cooperating with water restrictions to date. Thanks for your support, but we all need to carry on and conserve this precious resource.”

Preserving the water supply by not using water unnecessarily is important for public health and fire safety.

“Fire risk for our district is now extreme. If there was a wildfire, the demand on the already reduced supply in our catchments would decimate it even further,” Mayor Sandra says.

“No matter where you are in the Coromandel, everyone has a responsibility to take care and do their bit to conserve water.”

Council would prefer that people voluntarily comply with the restrictions, but will be looking at prosecuting where restrictions continue to be breached. People can be fined on conviction up to $20,000 for breaching the bylaw.

The latest on TCDC water restrictions

Water restrictions have now been increased in Tairua (alternate days) and Thames (conserve water).

These are the restrictions in place until further notice:

Coromandel Town, Whitianga and Hahei - Total Watering Ban: This means all use of water outside the house is banned. This includes watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, boats, houses, and decks, filling paddling pools and playing under sprinklers.

Matarangi, Tairua and Whangamata - Alternate Days: The water supply is under pressure. Hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems can only be used on alternate days. If your address is an even number you can use your hose on even-numbered days, and vice versa for odd-numbered houses.

Thames, Pauanui and Onemana - Conserve Water: Residents and holidaymakers are asked to keep using water carefully to ensure the supply continues.