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Report leaks please...

Report leaks please...

Posted February 04, 2020
Council Matters

Long dry summers means every drop of water becomes precious over time.

Hauraki District Council is aware of some significant leaks within the Waihi and Waikino network that they are actively searching for using new technology.

A big leak in the Waikino water pipe network was found when an acoustic listening device was trialled recently.

Tracking the leak to within 120 metres of its source enabled a significant amount of water, equivalent to the average daily use of 250 houses, to be saved.

The new technology found the leak next to the State Highway. It was so deep it was impossible to detect from the surface.

All water networks lose some water as a result of leaks, however, detecting and fixing large leaks could provide Waihi and Waikino with surplus capacity that would alleviate the need to ration water in hot dry spells.

Residents in the Waihi and Waikino area are asked to be on the lookout for anything that could be a leak. Green grass surrounded by dry grass, water leaks at water metres or pools of water where they shouldn’t be are tell tale signs a leak could be occurring.

Contact Hauraki District Council if you spot anything that looks like a water leak.

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