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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted February 11, 2020
Emergency Services

The last week saw Waihi Fire and Rescue attend six callouts.

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens joined Brian Gentil to run through the list.

On Monday February 3 at 1 pm they were called to Waihi College where on one of the first days back for the students the gym alarm was hit by a ball apparently. After checking everything was OK they headed back to the station.

The following day, Tuesday 4 February, they had two callouts.The first was at 12.30 pm where they took their tanker to Onemana where a paddock had caught alight. Some fencing contractors were clearing a fallen tree and a spark from the chainsaw appeared to have been the cause.

Then at 2 pm they attended a motor vehicle crash on Steeles Rd, the road between Athenree and Waihi Beach.Two older women were trapped in the seatbelts after the car flipped on its side and ended up in a dry water runoff at the side of the road. They were checked by ambulance staff and Moe said it was likely they were also taken to hospital for a checkup.

On Waitangi Day, Thursday 6 February, they helped with a helicopter landing at Morgan Park for a medical assist. Moe followed the crew to the park with his two grandchildren who were lucky enough to get to meet the pilots and crew members who knew Moe, and they showed the kids the cockpit and controls of the helicopter and took some photos.

Then at 8.45 pm the same day they went to assist in another medical situation.

On Saturday, February 8, they went to Boundary Road where another fire had been lit at a property. This seems to happen regularly at this address he said. Moe reminded people there is a total fire ban on at present and this sort of thing is putting other people and neighbours at risk. They put the fire out and reported it to their head office and also the police.

Moe said if anyone wants to check whether they can light any sort of fire they need to ring 0800 658 628.

Click our podcast link to hear the full Gold FM Fire Call Out with Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens.