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News / Waihi community response to water shortage, heartening

Waihi community response to water shortage, heartening

Waihi community response to water shortage, heartening

Posted February 14, 2020
Council Matters , Environmental

Media Release: Hauraki District Council

Waihi’s water reservoir continues to recover slowly. The water level remains steady at around 20 per cent since yesterday afternoon when the precautionary boil water notice on tap water was lifted.

“The response from the community has been fantastic”, said Mayor Toby Adams.

“Everyone is doing their best to save water which will allow the reservoir to recover faster. It’s been really encouraging to see”, he said.

People can continue to have short showers and machine wash clothes, but are advised to please keep saving as much water as possible.

Waihi and Waikino total watering ban still in place

This ban includes use of water outside the house such as watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, house and decks, filling paddling pools or playing under sprinklers. Swimming pools are not to be filled at any time.

How Waihi ran out of water

The main pipe that transports raw (untreated) water from the Ohinemuri River to the Waihi Water Treatment Plant burst at about 5pm on Tuesday 11 February. Council’s water services team worked through the night to repair the pipe, but due to its deep location it was well into the morning before the break was repaired.

During this time, no raw water was able to get to the water treatment plant for processing.

Ordinarily, there is enough treated water stored in the reservoir to supply the town for about two days, depending on demand. However, due to the current dry conditions and low river levels restricting our water intake, there was less treated water stored in the reservoir and less time available before it ran dry.

The water tanks will stay in place over the weekend, but if using this water, please continue to boil for three minutes as a precaution.