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Honesty Prevails in Waihi

Honesty Prevails in Waihi

Posted February 17, 2020

If a chair had legs how far could it walk?

Dillimores Home Furnishings in Waihi can tell you they can go a couple of K’s … with a little help.

Last week when everyone’s minds were focused on the water shortage a chair went ‘walkies’ from outside Dillimores on the corner of Seddon St and Moresby Avenue.

After putting the word out it became apparent three teenage girls might be able to assist with this as they may have been at ‘the seat’ of the whole situation.

Word spread quickly through town and across Gold FM and sightings helped narrow the direction the seat took.After reporting the situation to the Police Noeline Dillimore spent a lot of time doing the detective work, piecing sightings and reports together, contacting the local college and also other local businesses to ask for any information.

And in the end honesty prevailed, with one of the girl’s mothers contacting Dillimores on Monday to explain what had happened.

Apparently the girls saw the chair and thinking Dillimores was closed decided to take the chair, as “it would only be taken by someone else”.

Right or wrong, they carried it half way across town and managed to get it home.

That’s when Mum got involved and rang Noeline, setting up a meeting where she and her daughter called in to apologise and explain what had happened.

When we were writing this the plan was for the other two girls to visit Dillimores to apologise.

Noeline Dillimore said she was very happy with the outcome and hoped the girls would learn an important lesson.

The chair and accessories can once again be seen in pride of place in front of Dillimores with its other half … unless they’ve been sold that is.

Three ‘chairs’ for honesty and some faith in human nature being reinstated.