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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted February 18, 2020
Emergency Services

Media Release: Senior Community Constable Harley North

A diesel tank was drained sometime over the last 10 days at SH2 near Athenree. The tank belongs to road workers HEB construction. Police are waiting on CCTV footage.

On Sunday a Waihi Beach male received a warning and a trespass notice for threatening behaviour after an altercation at a local dairy.

During the early hours of Friday morning a burglar got a surprise and left empty handed after being disturbed by a barking dog when they tried to enter a residential property at Athenree. The offender broke a window when they tried to open a door via a cat flap. Police are awaiting forensic test results and CCTV footage.

Another burglar was disturbed inside a residential property at Kensington Road on Wednesday. They fled from the scene prior to police arrival. A police dog handler tracked the offender over a distance but lost him near Daffodil Dairy. Police are waiting on CCTV footage.

Last week Monday a Waihi male was arrested for breach of bail when police conducted a check at his address and found him under the influence of Methamphetamine. The male is already facing drugs related charges.

Crime Prevention Advice‘See something, do something’ is a catchy phrase police use to encourage everyone to take positive action to prevent crime occurring in the community. It’s easy to turn a blind eye and have a mind-set that ‘it’s not my problem.’ But the reality is that one day it will be your problem. Imagine how it would feel if you were being victimised and nobody did anything to help. So if you see anything suspicious occurring or a crime being committed do something about it. Call police immediately 24/7 and don’t delay. Your actions could prevent a crime or a person becoming a victim.

Road Safety MessageThis week’s message is directed at ‘whippersnappers’ (a young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident). Police have noticed a trend amongst young people getting on mopeds when they get their learner driver licence to avoid the legal requirement of having an overseer beside them like when driving a car. However riding a moped or scooter is fraught with danger in comparison to driving a car and that’s not even factoring in the lack of experience operating a motor vehicle on the road. There are a multitude of skills required to operate a moped or scooter safely just like a motorcycle. So whippersnappers! (and parents), if you’re really smart and want to stay alive for a little longer, police recommend attending a course delivered by a certified instructor.

Compiled by Senior Community Constable Harley North