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News / Coromandel Town water supply low after mains break

Coromandel Town water supply low after mains break

Coromandel Town water supply low after mains break

Posted March 04, 2020
Council Matters

Coromandel Town water supply very low after mains break - council asks locals to please conserve water.

The broken water main supplying Coromandel Town’s water treatment plant was repaired yesterday, but reservoir levels are very low, as it takes time for the plant to get back to full production.

Thames Coromandel District Council is asking everybody in Coromandel Town to please take every measure possible to reduce water use by, for example, putting off doing laundry until tomorrow, minimise toilet flushing (‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down’) and cutting back on any other forms of major water use.

The water treatment plant is producing water, but at a low rate. It takes time to restart a treatment plant after a shutdown. Staff from Veolia, TCDC’s contractor who manages the water supply systems, have been working all night to restore normal supply.

The water main supplying the treatment plant had to be closed yesterday after a streetlight contractor accidentally damaged it. The main had to be closed and drained before it could be repaired.

Due to the ongoing meteorological drought Coromandel Town is already on a Total Watering Ban, which means all use of water outside the house is banned. This includes watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, boats, houses, and decks, filling paddling pools and playing under sprinklers.

The council hopes to have water production back up to speed as soon as possible. In the meantime, they apologise for the inconvenience and say they’re grateful to the Coromandel Town community for their patience and understanding.