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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted March 10, 2020
Emergency Services

Senior Community Constable Harley North updated the Gold FM Police File this week. Click play on our podcast link to hear the full police file and read a summary below.

Monday 2 MarchReport received that overnight last Thursday 5th of March a rock was thrown through the window of the Hella commercial premises at Seddon Street. Police are seeking information and witnesses.

Waihi Police assisted with a pursuit of a suspicious vehicle at Paeroa. The vehicle was tracked to a Paeroa address and seized by Police. Enquiries to identify the driver continue.

Tuesday 3 MarchPolice and other emergency services attended a two vehicle minor injury traffic crash at Waihi Beach Road near Fergus Road. A vehicle rear ended another which was turning into a driveway. Distraction was a factor. Neither driver required hospitalisation. Police are investigating.

Wednesday 4 MarchAn Auckland female was transported by Waihi Police to Paeroa after she was removed from a Kensington Road address due to intoxication and an argument with the occupants over alleged drug dealing.

An altercation occurred after a male spoke to some local youths about harassing his dogs. He had followed them home to speak to their parents. The male and the parent got into a heated argument. Parties were spoke to and separated.

A male was served with a three day police safety order at a Hobson Street address after threatening to burn down a house. He vacated the property reluctantly.Thursday 5 MarchA male was observed punching a vehicle with a female driver at Karangahake Reserve. Police located the female however she refused to cooperate. It is believed the incident was a family harm matter. The male was not located.Friday 6 MarchPolice found a male and female arguing outside Waihi Police Station. When the male left he reversed his vehicle into hers. Neither party cooperated with police and no complaint was forthcoming. They were personally known to each other.

A party at a residential property on Edinburgh Street involving approximately 50 young people got out of control and was shut down by police after several complaints. Most of partygoers were aged between 14-18 years and were found to be intoxicated. There was no parental supervision or adults present when police attended. Significant damage was done to the rented ‘Bookabach’ property.

Saturday 7 MarchA male was arrested and charged with common assault after a property dispute at a Roycroft Street address. It is alleged the male repeatedly pushed a female. He is attending Court soon.

A female five day police safety order after she was involved in another family harm incident at Kerepehi. It was alleged by a family member that the female attempted to run them over in their car. The incident allegedly started over a vehicle ownership dispute. Police are investigating.

Sunday 8 MarchPolice attended a family harm incident at a Mackay Street address. A female was allegedly assaulted by a male who left the scene. He is also the respondent of a protection order in relation to the female. The male was located a few hours later and arrested. He was held in police custody overnight in Hamilton for Court on Monday.

A 12ft dinghy overturned near Bowentown Bar. Two males were successfully rescued by the Waihi Beach Coastguard jet-ski. Both are lucky to be alive considering the rough conditions on the day. Both were wearing lifejackets. Their boat was also recovered by Coastguard’s larger vessel.

Crime Prevention AdvicePolice know that a lot of crime goes unreported. This creates a problem for police in terms of getting help to victims, targeting offenders, identifying crime trends and monitoring crime statistics which effects police resourcing in the right areas. If you are a victim of a crime or know of someone who is police encourage you to report it.

Road Safety MessageAnother crash this week that could have ended very badly if not for the safety features in the offending driver’s vehicle. The cause of the crash was distraction. Focus on the road and what’s ahead, search for hazards. If you see a potential hazard slow down so you can plan your response if danger presents itself.

Police contactsIf it’s already happened call 105. If it’s happening now call 111. For traffic matters call *555 (mobile phone only). To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.