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Solar Farm Partnership Sought

Solar Farm Partnership Sought

Posted March 11, 2020
Business , Environmental

Media Release: WEL Networks

WEL Networks is looking to partner with local, community-minded landowners to build a solar farm as part of its approach to address energy hardship in the Waikato region.

The energy produced would be used to help provide a cheaper power solution to those in the community who are in energy hardship.

Requirements for the solar farm include a north-facing site, sized between 10,000m2 to 20,000m2 within the WEL network area and with reasonable access.

The solar farm would be installed and maintained by WEL Networks at no cost to landowners.

By producing clean energy, the solar farm would also provide positive environmental benefits including the reduction of carbon emissions.

“Our goal is to build a solar farm in 2020. This is a community-based solution that we believe will go a long way to benefitting the social fabric of the region by helping reduce energy hardship, which can impact the physical and mental health and overall wellbeing of our communities,” Chief Executive Garth Dibley says.

The suitability of solar farm land options will be assessed with landowners before a preferred site is selected.

WEL Networks sees a future where access to multiple, renewable energy sources becomes the norm in New Zealand. Although this may be some time away locally, many other countries are experiencing this trend.

While their focus is on the safe, strong and reliable supply of electricity, they’re preparing their network so users can tap into the sun’s energy.