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News / Waihi College plans for COVID-19

Waihi College plans for COVID-19

Waihi College plans for COVID-19

Posted March 19, 2020
Education , Health , Podcasts

Waihi College Principal Alistair Cochrane called in to the Gold FM studio for his Thursday morning School Report on Gold FM.

Click play on our podcast link to hear what Alistair had to say about how the school is planning for COVID-19.

Alistair and Brian Gentil discussed the interesting times schools are faced with at the moment.Alistair said the school is trying to make the best decisions they can knowing that things could change in 24 hours time.

The cleanliness regime has been upgraded and the school is talking actively to students about personal hygiene.

Daily updates are coming through from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and parents should have received recent information.

Any decision about closing the school will be made by the District Health Board not the school.

Alistair outlined the progress so far with plans to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is an ever changing environment at present.

The school is actively working on an online learning environment and a trial will occur on Wednesday next week. Alistair explained the process.

The health of not only students but teachers has to be considered now and the unknown, including emotional stress is a challenge for the school.

Local medical professionals are being inundated locally and are under significant pressure, Alistair said.

We’re about three weeks away from the end of term and depending on what happens next dates may change.

The school ball has been postponed due to the rules about social distancing.

“The more barriers we can put in place of COVID-19 the better - so let’s do it together,” Alistair said.