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Gold FM Fire Call Out

Gold FM Fire Call Out

Posted March 23, 2020
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This week there were another five callouts, like last week.

Chief Fire Officer Moe Stevens ran through them with Brian Gentil.

Last Tuesday, March 17, at 10.30 pm the Waihi Fire & Rescue Service attended a small rubbish fire in Roberts St that had been lit and had caught a fence on fire. They extinguished the fire which only caused minor damage.

On Wednesday, 18 March, the siren went off at 5.30 pm for an incident near Otawhiwhi Marae where a boat in a car port had caught alight. They managed to contain the fire but the boat was badly damaged.

The following afternoon, Thursday 19 March, at 3.30 pm they went to another rubbish fire on a farm on the Whangamata Rd. Whiritoa Fire and Rescue must have managed to put it out before they arrived as they were stood down and returned to the station.

The following day, Friday 20 March, at 11.30 am they attended a fire on State Highway 2, on the new subdivision opposite Dean Crescent called Blueberry Lane, where a gentleman had lit a fire thinking that it had rained recently so it would be alright. Moe reminded us that is not the case.

And on Sunday 22 March at 4 pm the siren went off again. This time Waihi Fire & Rescue travelled to yet another rubbish fire on a property on the Whangamata Rd where the person seems to ignore any fire ban and just lights rubbish fires, which are called in by neighbours concerned for their safety.

Moe finished with yet another reminder that the fire ban is still in place right across the North Island as we’ve only had a few showers which doesn’t get soaked up, and the land is still tinder dry.

To hear the full Fire Call Out … click play on our podcast link.