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Gold FM Police File

Gold FM Police File

Posted March 25, 2020
Emergency Services

Monday 16 March
Police attended a family harm incident at Bowentown involving a couple. A woman allegedly smashed a vehicle window and was arrested however later released without charge due to a lack of evidence. She was served with a police safety order and the parties were separate. Police are investigating further.

Two men were caught by a property owner interfering with a motor vehicle in their backyard. Both men fled from the scene. Police are seeking information from the community.

Another family harm incident at Athenree. On police arrival both parties had left the scene and inquiries to locate them have been negative.

A prolific Waihi offender was arrested after a pursuit near Morrinsville. He had been evading police for a significant time. He was wanted on multiple charges including theft, fraud, burglary and others. He is now in custody and awaiting court.

Another prolific Waihi offender was arrested at Boundary Road after a police patrol observed the male lurking around in the dark with a torch. He was wanted in relation to theft and burglary offending and had been actively avoiding police for sometime. He is now in custody awaiting court.

Tuesday 17 March
A suspended driver arrived at Waihi Police Station in his motor vehicle wanting permission to drive to Katikati. He became aggressive when police refused. He was served with a summons for driving while suspended and his vehicle was impounded for 28 days.

During the evening two men were allegedly observed lighting a fire at Victoria Street near a commercial premises. The informant followed the men however lost them a short time later. Police went to the scene and we are unable to substantiate the information. Police are seeking information from the community.

Wednesday 18 March
Police were called to an arson at Bowentown. A boat was set alight and destroyed. Fire and emergency attended. Confirmed suspicious circumstances. Police are investigating further.

Thursday 19 March
To further burglaries at Waihi College during the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday. CCTV camera footage has allowed Police to identify some of the offenders. They appear to be all local youths. Various property items were stolen from the office area and the canteen. Police will be speaking to the youths and their families shortly.

Friday 20 March
Six mature cannabis plants were seized from a Steele Road property. Police are investigating further.

Police have begun checking people in the area who are in isolation due to the Covid 19 virus. All have complied so far and no issues have been reported.

Saturday 21 March
A 12-year-old child threw an object at a moving motor vehicle. The child and their parent were spoken too. Details were exchanged between the motorist and parent.

Two vehicles were broken into at Waitawheta. One at Franklin Road and another near Owharoa Falls. Both vehicles had their windows smashed and property was stolen. The offenders vehicle was identified and police are following up with the registered owner.

Two family harm incidents attended, one at Mataura Rd and another at Princes Street. Verbal only and parties separated, no further issues with the first however police were called back to the second. Referrals to social services made.

Sunday 22 March
A cow got on the road at SH25 near Mataora Bay. Members of the public assisted police to secure it into a nearby paddock. Luckily there were no crashes.

Road policing message
For police to serve a roadside demerit point suspension notice the driver has to have accumulated over 100 demerit points within two years. This is quite an achievement and to reach this milestone you have to be a very bad driver. Once served the driver is suspended for three months and their vehicle can be impounded for 28 days if they are caught driving again. They also get an appearance in court. Police will continue to target bad drivers and remove them from the road at every opportunity.

Crime prevention advice
Lock it or lose it, out of sight out of mind, reduce the opportunity. These are all tips from Police in regard to securing your property including your motor vehicle. Leaving valuable items in plain sight provides the incentive and opportunity for offenders who cannot resist temptation. You can reduce your chances of becoming a victim by following these tips.