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News / Can we go for a walk or a drive?

Can we go for a walk or a drive?

Can we go for a walk or a drive?

Posted March 27, 2020

Media Release: New Zealand Government Covid-19

Can we go for a walk or a drive?

Stopping our movement stops the virus. This is about reducing movement and eliminating contact with others.

All New Zealanders, except those working in essential services, must stay at home and stop all in-person interactions – other than the people they are self-isolated with.

You can leave your house to:

1. Access essential services, like buying groceries, or going to a bank or pharmacy.

2. Go to work if you work for an essential service.

3. Go for a walk, or exercise but stay close to your home.


• Act like you have Covid-19. Every move you make could be a risk to someone else.

• Keep your distance - we don’t want people congregating at parks and beaches, keep the 2 meter rule

• Don’t go tramping or boating. Don’t go for a drive or a motorbike ride, or travel to your holiday home.

• If it’s on your doorstep or close it’s fine, if you have to drive any real distance it’s not.

• We don’t want people swimming, or surfing. A walk along the beach is fine, but don’t do anything that may require help if you end up getting into trouble.

For more information about staying home and what that means – visit