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News / Waikato DHB confirms 37 COVID-19 cases in Matamata

Waikato DHB confirms 37 COVID-19 cases in Matamata

Waikato DHB confirms 37 COVID-19 cases in Matamata

Posted April 01, 2020

Media Release: Waikato District Health Board

Waikato DHB has confirmed 37 COVID-19 cases in Matamata as of April 1. The cluster has been linked to a St Patrick’s Day celebration at the Redoubt Bar.

Dr Kevin Snee, Waikato DHB Chief Executive, said a Community Based Assessment Centre (CBAC) had been set up in the town and further positive cases were likely to appear over the coming days.

“Around 200 people have visited our CBAC from when it opened on Monday afternoon to Tuesday evening. With testing from the site being prioritised at our local lab we expect to see further positive results.

Dr Snee said the advice remained the same for all Matamata residents.

“We do expect to see the numbers rise in connection to this cluster as those transmissions will have already occurred. The most effective way to keep yourself protected and to eliminate it from the community is to stay in your ‘bubble’ and follow the national guidance during this lockdown period.

“If you have symptoms, please call Healthline or your GP and visit a CBAC for assessment. If you do not have symptoms and need to leave home to visit the supermarket, practice good hand hygiene and social distancing.”

Any Matamata residents with symptoms of COVID-19 should contact Healthline or their GP and visit their nearest CBAC. They should inform CBAC staff if they had attended the Redoubt Bar during the previous two weeks, or if they had close contact with anyone who had.

Anyone who visited Matamata in the previous two weeks and was now experiencing symptoms should also follow this instruction.