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News / Sharp spike in dog attacks in Hauraki District

Sharp spike in dog attacks in Hauraki District

Sharp spike in dog attacks in Hauraki District

Posted April 02, 2020
Council Matters

Media Release: Hauraki District Council

Dog owners are being asked to keep their dogs ‘in their bubbles’, following a spike in dog attacks in the Hauraki District.

Council’s Group Manager Planning and Environmental Services Peter Thom says there’s been a significant jump in the number of attacks since the level 4 lockdown,

“We used to respond to about one dog attack every two months, but at the moment we’re getting one every day. Yesterday we had two,” he said.

The attacks have mostly been on dogs out walking with their owners, where other dogs have come off properties and attacked them as they’ve walked past.

“It’s important people get out for fresh air and exercise in their local neighbourhood, and they need to feel safe to do this. Dog owners must make sure their pets are secured inside their properties, or on a leash if they’re being taken for a walk,” Thom said.

“We all play a part in keeping each other safe during this lockdown and part of this is remembering our responsibilities as dog owners.”

Most Hauraki District Council dog control activities are suspended during the lockdown period however the council will still respond to safety issues such as dog attacks. Dogs should be exercised on a lead if outside their properties.