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News / Local policeman frustrated by surfers

Local policeman frustrated by surfers

Local policeman frustrated by surfers

Posted April 03, 2020
Emergency Services

Sergeant Will Hamilton - Sergeant in Charge at Whangamata Police, has spoken firmly to clear any misunderstanding regarding what a lockdown means in his patch after sighting a large number of surfers on the Whangamata Bar.

Over the last week and a bit, the community has been fairly well compliant with the rules the government has said we must abide by.

Some unfortunately have been flying under the radar, until now. ​This is not a game, this is not one set of rules for some and not for others; this is as real as it gets”, he said.

We have one chance to beat this, and this is it.

He said there has been a total disregard for social distancing and the rules in general.

The Government has said that you MUST stay at home unless you are on essential travel.

Essential travel has been very well summarised by the government.

What that means- Do NOT surf- If you are surfing or are heading to go surfing you will be spoken to.

Our first option is to educate and then encourage compliance.

If this is not successful then enforcement action may be taken.- Do not drive anywhere unless it is essential travel.

Expect to be spoken to if you are moving around in a vehicle.- Stay home means stay home.

I don’t do grumpy very well and hope I do not have to again. Stick to the rules until we hear otherwise, no exceptions!!

Photo: Surfers at Whangamata - example only