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News / Don't be an egg this Easter. Save lives - stay at home

Don't be an egg this Easter. Save lives - stay at home

Don't be an egg this Easter. Save lives - stay at home

Posted April 06, 2020
Council Matters

Media Release: Thames Coromandel District Council

Thames Coromandel District Council thanks everyone around the Coromandel who is saving lives by staying home. “We’re still hearing anecdotal evidence of people coming into the Coromandel ahead of Easter weekend to stay at their holiday homes. – Don’t.”

“We’ve got data and reports around the district that people are driving into the Coromandel to stay at their holiday homes ahead of Easter. It’s not ok – don’t do it,” says Mayor Sandra Goudie. “Our health services are not set up like the larger centres for an increased population, and people moving between places increases the potential for spread of COVID-19.

“We are in touch with the police, they are monitoring and they have the powers to stop people who are driving unnecessarily and question them,” she says.

Over the weekend there’s been additional guidance provided on rules around the COVID-19 Alert Level 4.

Everyone in New Zealand is to be isolated or quarantined at their current place of residence except as permitted for essential personal movement.

Exercise is to be done in an outdoor place that can be readily accessed from home and two-metre physical distancing must be maintained.

Recreation and exercise does not involve swimming, water-based activities (for example, surfing or boating), hunting, tramping, or other activities of a kind that expose participants to danger or may require search and rescue services.

A child can leave the residence of one joint care-giver to visit or stay at the residence of another joint care-giver (and visit or stay at that residence) if there is a shared bubble arrangement.

A person can leave their residence to visit or stay at another residence (and visit or stay at that residence) under a shared bubble arrangement if: One person lives alone in one, or both, of those residences; or everyone in one of those residences is a vulnerable person.

“I want to say a huge thank you to the large majority of our residents who are abiding by the guidelines. If we continue, we will beat this,” says Mayor Sandra