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News / Jodi Vaughan launches 'That's What We Do'

Jodi Vaughan launches 'That's What We Do'

Jodi Vaughan launches 'That's What We Do'

Posted April 06, 2020
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Brian Gentil had the pleasure of chatting to a very chirpy Jodi Vaughan this morning.

Jodi, a household name in the New Zealand country music scene, is in lockdown with her dog and making the most of her COVID-19 situation.

When a neighbour suggested Jodi could rehearse on her back porch recently, which she did, she heard applause coming from all around her neighbourhood after singing her first song. Locals had set up their deck chairs with chips and dip and refreshments for a neighbourhood concert.

Jodi had a bit of an OMG moment when Brian brought up her afro hairstyle from the past. Jodi’s response was that she’s put together a powerpoint presentation of all her different ‘dos’ and it may well feature in future shows.

Jodi is promoting a single she wrote about the Australian fires and was thrilled when a good friend, James Ray, gave a demo he put together to country music artist Kevin Greaves.

Kevin Greaves went on a tour of the States and recorded the song, backed up by Nashville musicians, without Jodi knowing. When Jodi received an mp3 copy of the track from Kevin, who emailed it to her, she was absolutely delighted to hear her song.

The song ‘That’s What We Do’ is all about helping our neighbours out through hard times, Jodi said.

Jodi and James Ray would like to enter the song in this year’s Silver Scroll Awards and to do this have to show that their song has been broadcast on radio.

It was our pleasure to share it with our listeners. Have a listen…just click on our podcast link to hear the interview with Jodi Vaughan and to hear ‘That’s What We do’.